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We design and install solutions that add value for the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors

Our multi-disciplinary team of specialists has a proven track record for delivering timely, cost-effective solutions across a range of sectors. We understand the individual needs of the gas, petrochemical, oil, energy, utilities and biogas sectors. However, we know that each demands the highest standards in terms of innovation, efficiency, accuracy and safety. Request specific services or a suite of fully compliant services for any stage of your project; from design and commissioning through to installation, maintenance and replacement.

Our specialist sectors


We work in tandem with natural gas companies across all stages of the supply chain.

We specialise in power generation projects that utilise combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT), gas reciprocating engines or combined heating and power (CHP). Our projects include:

  • Connections to gas network
  • Cross-country pipelines
  • Metering and pressure reduction facilities

Our solutions include feasibility studies; conceptual/detailed design; environmental impact assessment; public consultation/planning consent assistance; Front End Engineering Design (FEED); tendering/commissioning services; pipeline works authorisation; and, installation/construction management.


We provide highly tuned design consultancy and installation services for piping systems in the petrochemical sector.

We ensure safety and value for our partners by ensuring our expert engineering team is fully trained to adhere to critical petrochemical design standards, including:

  • B31.3: Process Piping
  • B31.4: Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquid Hydrocarbons and Other Liquids
  • B31.8/B31.8S: Pipeline Integrity Management

Our solutions include surveys for new or existing sites; detailed design drawings (including 3D CAD models), specifications and material take off; site upgrades; new site pipework; valve installation/relocation; relocation of slops tanks; additional storage; and, running HAZOPs.


We provide the equipment and expertise you need to transform crude oil into valuable, highly marketable end products.

We facilitate all aspects of downstream oil transmission, processing and distribution, including:

  • Pipelines, pumping systems and oil storage facilities
  • Oil refinement, petrochemical and gas processing solutions


We enable major energy suppliers to optimise profitability by providing a host of effective power generation solutions, including supplies to:

  • Combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT)
  • Gas reciprocating engines
  • Combined heating and power (CHP)

We are adept at designing solutions for providers across all stages of the gas supply chain.

Our solutions range from connecting to the national network, to metering and pressure reduction facilities, to transnational pipelines.


We manage supply-side assets on behalf of major energy providers, installing and maintaining highly efficient solutions to increase capacity or replace outdated systems.

Our comprehensive, fully compliant gas utility services cover all aspects of pipeline and infrastructure consultancy and design, combined with advanced multidisciplinary engineering capabilities.

We provide services across all pressure ranges and pipeline types, including:

  • Major network pipelines
  • Offtakes
  • AGIs

We also provide construction management and specialist services, in addition to fire control systems that utilise both potable and sea water.

Saith Limited


We’re among the first companies licensed to use cutting edge SEPURAN® Green module membrane technology (developed by Evonik) to purify gases.

We’ve developed our very own modular upgrade plant model – BMPure – which features:

  • Simplified systems
  • Compact design
  • Efficient filtration methods
  • Proven, reliable components

This enables us to deliver solutions that minimise capital investment and operational costs while optimising output, maximising ROI for our clients.

Contact Saith Limited to learn more about how our innovative solutions will ensure your next project is delivered on time and within budget.